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Infix PDF Editor 6.2.9

Edit and enhance your PDF files as if you were using a standard word processor
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Infix PDF Editor is truly an easy-to-use and efficient alternative to Acrobat – it comes with all the tools you need to correct and enhance your PDF files, it works just like your average word processor, and it retails at a tag price that is significantly lower than what you would usually pay for the standard Adobe tool. It works perfectly with text, images, notes, and any other element you may find in a PDF file.

It is really refreshing to come across a tool that does perform as advertised. After trying a number of so-called “PDF editors”, it is gratifying to find one that really performs all the tasks it promises without ruining the original layout of the source file in the process. This is usually what happens when you mess about with a PDF file without using Acrobat. Infix’s editor, however, combines all the simplicity of your preferred word processor with the efficiency and cleanness of the most professional PDF editor. In fact, it is as if the program has transformed your PDF file into a DOC or ODF document, adding to it all the flexibility and versatility that PDF documents lacks.

You can change any text without needing to choose a different font; you can even find and replace text as quickly and easily as you do in Microsoft’s Word; you can resize, delete, and substitute the images in the document; you can change the line space you can add colored boxes, sticky notes, etc. But the beauty of this program is that none of these changes will ruin the layout of your PDF file – text will be reflowed and images will be integrated within the text automatically just like most word processors do, and something that Acrobat won’t do for you. There are other things that would make Acrobat pale in comparison – the possibility of spell-checking texts in multiple languages; of adding lines, arrows, and diagrams; of dragging and dropping photos and other images to your PDF document and see them integrate with the existing text... And this is only for the standard edition. The professional edition includes features and functions that even high-end word processors can only dream of.

I mentioned “affordable price” as just one more of the program’s assets – actually, the program’s tag price is nearly six times cheaper than the standard edition of Adobe’s renowned editor: $99.00. From whatever angle you look at it, this is a truly amazing tool, simple, reliable, and worth at least a try.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Works like a standard word processor
  • Extremely intuitive and easy to use
  • Allows you to add hyperlinks to your PDFs
  • Edit text without losing the original layout
  • Automatic text reflow
  • Price tag


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