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Infix PDF Editor 7.1.4

A PDF editor that can create documents from scratch
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As PDF increasingly turns into the de-facto standard format for sharing electronic documents, the necessity of software to create and edit such files also becomes greater. Infix PDF Editor is among the applications that allow you to do so. In contrast with other tools that support converting and adding security only, this program can really let you create documents from scratch. Unfortunately, its interface does not look like similar modern applications. For instance, most of its features need to be accessed through menu commands as the editor does not have tool ribbons.

Luckily, it is possible to create a new document using various methods. The simplest way is to create a blank document and start adding elements to it. Moreover, the tool supports importing data directly from a scanner or from other files, specifically PDFs and images. In addition, it allows applying optical character recognition to create editable text from scanned pages. It's a pity that it cannot use Office files or webpages as the starting point.

The program is quite complete in terms of editing features. In this respect, it allows you to add various types of objects, including text, graphics and even multimedia elements, like video and audio clips. Editing text is particularly easy; in my opinion, more than with other programs of the same type.

If your intentions are just to read documents and add some comments, the program is right for you as well. As to this, it lets you track changes in different colors as well as add sticky notes, scribbles, text highlights and stamps. Likewise, it supports copying and pasting data to other editors. As additional features, this product permits filling forms, adding Bates numbering and using access restrictions.

Regrettably, the editor is not very versatile in terms of exporting to various formats as only PDF and HTML seem to be supported. It is good, though, that the source document can be converted into separate webpages, which even have links that let you read them in the original sequence. Moreover, translators may like that it supports sharing documents in XLIFF format and its integration with

All in all, Infix PDF Editor certainly lags behind the flagships of this software area. Yet, it does have some nice features and an affordable price. So, it is worth considering if it fits your specific needs.

Pedro Castro
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  • PDF from scratch
  • PDF from imported graphics
  • Optical character recognition
  • Form-filling
  • Integration with


  • Exports to PDF and HTML only
  • Outdated interface
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